Sibling Site Updates Q1 08

Between recent events, having work to do at home over the weekend, and a business trip to London that starts in two days, I felt like I needed to get grounded in something that wasn't work related ... and do it in a hurry. Publishing a new web site can give one a sense of accomplishment. Two sites, even better. So I finished some updates I've been putting off to pylbug.com, particularly to my (almost) complete discography.

And then I posted two new mashes-up to Noise Throng:

This one I've been toying with, on-and-off, for a while...

Pour Some Witness On Me
[Roots Manuva vs. Def Leppard]

And this one I whipped up over the course of a few evenings this past week...

Run With The Devil
[Van Halen vs. Gnarls Barkley]

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