Steve Brule RULEZ

It appears that BoingBoing's Xeni Jardin is as enamoured with John C. Reilley's Steve Brule character as I am. Rather than duplicate her efforts, I'll just point you to her post. And give you a taste of the Brule clip we quote all the time around our house, above. Oh, and the sequel to it, here. Cheers, and enjoy.

Cartoon Network removed the video clips from YouTube. There are some clips online at Adult Swim's page for Tim And Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job!, but you've got to click around a while to get to anything -- and you'll be waiting for a lot of clunky pages to load. Waiting and waiting and waiting. This should be the link to video clips, but I can't tell because it's taken ten minutes to load and there's still nothing but navigation showing. So sad, Cartoon Network. Break a simple user experience and replace it with a pathetic one.

Adult Swim's video page finally loaded, after seventeen painful minutes on a T3 connection. Stupendous. Here's what's worth waiting for, I guess:

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