R.I.P. Paul Tilley

The first work we presented together was work that went on to win at Cannes. It was my big break, so to speak. Paul led the traditional side, and I led the digital side. We became fast friends around the whole thing. I'll never forget how Paul invited me to the podium at an agency meeting and said "I'm a little bit country, and he's..." (motioning to me)

"A little bit rock and roll."

I didn't even think about it before I said it. We enjoyed playing off each other's wit, whether we had an audience or not. The smart-assed remarks were almost lyrical at times. You don't get that from people who aren't passionate about what they do. That's what made him a friend to me, more than anything else. We just happened to work on some of the same projects.

Sadly, Paul took his own life this past weekend. You can read reports of the tragic incident yourself here, here and here.

If you're a religious type, please say a prayer for his two daughters. I can't imagine the loss they're feeling and will feel growing up, having had such a big personality for a father. If you can make a donation, the family has asked that donations be made to District 39 Education Foundation, Music Education Fund, 615 Locust Road, Wilmette, IL. 60091-1968.

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