Takin' Care of Business (Time)

Life events have kept me from blogging much lately. Starting about two weeks ago, my cell phone died. Two days later, my 4-year-old iPod died. The day after that, the PC on which I produce music shit the bed. All of this might've sent me out to a ledge if it weren't for some other, more positive happenings.

Like this: my lovely girlfriend Maria and I got engaged. No date yet, but a nice ring on her finger if I don't say so myself. Statistically, I'm on my way to living longer than my bachelor friends. Coincidentally, that buys me more time to finish my ongoing music projects like INSTILLE, FIGORA and others who have yet to be named.

Oh, yeah, and we've fallen hard for Flight Of The Conchords.


kroushlconflict said...


I'm calling you now.....m

Chris B. said...

Wait - you're in Figora?!

(jk - congratulations!!)

PYLB said...

Well... I, um... help "produce" FIGORA. Yes, that's it. My "samurai of sound" know-how helps the band stay relevant to today's popular music audience(s).

(Thank you!)