Pixel Piracy, But At What Price?

Based on this trailer, I'm intrigued by Pixel Pirate, but I'm not sure I'm convinced to purchase a DVD of this going on for a whole hour. Granted, I'm probably the only person I know who would even consider purchasing it. The randomness of samples is what I fear might be more annoying than anything, because I don't get a strong sense of coherent plot from the trailers. I don't see a strategy behind samples, from whence they were taken, or how they are recontextualized. Frankly, the sources listed are the typical sources that have been sampled by many artists and editors alike for years. On the flip-side of that, only 300 sources in a full hour? I've fit over 100 sources into 11 minutes, and still eeked out some narrative value.

Maybe I'd have a different opinion if I watched the whole thing. Maybe experiencing it first-hand would win me over. Maybe I'm simply not going to pay for it because I believe works like this (some of which I've created and still distribute free-of-charge to others) should carry no commercial value.

I'm not suggesting that this remixing in any way corrupts our culture - the "price" referred to in the title is literally about the fact that this isn't being distributed free-of-charge. But I'm jaded. You be the judge... Is it worth AUD$26?

From Pixel Pirate II "about" page, which does hint at the alleged plot:

Pixel Pirate II: Attack of the Astro Elvis Video Clone is an hour long narrative remix video constructed from samples pirated from over 300 film and music sources. It contains no original audio or video footage. Think of it as a sci-fi / biblical epic / action movie with a subplot of troubled romance. It also stars Elvis Presley, Moses, The Hulk, Monkey, Batman & Robin, Michael Jackson and The Ghostbusters.

The Year is 3001 and the ancient art of remix is being oppressed by the evil tyrant Moses and his Copyright Commandments. Meanwhile, in a secret base-camp on the moon a team of Pixel Pirates plot to overthrow Moses via their latest scientific discovery - video cloning. Their plan: travel back to 1955, abduct Elvis and bring him back to the future. They then clone Elvis and send the Video Clone back to 2015 to assassinate Moses, altering the course of VHS history. But first the Elvis Clone must face-off against the Copyright Cops and every action hero that MGM can throw his way.

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