The Farewell Instigator EP

Finally. My farewell release as Instigator: Reduced Materials.

This EP is FREE. (Heh,"reduced", get it?) Please make a donation to show your support. Or not. Hear more layers with repeated listening. Or not. Here's the official blurb, from the official page:
Instigator - Reduced Materials EP
2008, PYLBUG / Noise Throng [Chicago, IL]

Selections from Instigator's 2002 debut, Used Materials, are revisited on the fifth anniversary of the album's digital release in 2003. Careful reductions in program length unearth and enhance the song structures, and a strategic price reduction (it's FREE) make Reduced Materials the perfect companion to Used Materials, as well as a fitting farewell to the Instigator moniker. Tracklist:

01 Reforestation (Berry Jungle)
02 Recognition (Depress And Enter)
03 Requisition (High-Style Takeover)
04 Reevaluation (Hydrocodonarcotica)
05 Reinfestation (Miracle Earworm)
06 Recollection (Okanna Borra)
07 Resignation (Panhandler)
08 Reiteration (Poh Sukumer Vidro)
09 Remodellacion (Puerto Reconditioned)
Download Full EP [.zip]
Only available online: Reduced Materials EP (High-Quality 320 kbps MP3s plus album art in a .zip archive).

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This EP is free, and donation is recommended as the best way to show your support. If you like it, pay a little something for it; 100% of your support goes directly to the artist. It doesn't get much easier than this convenient PayPal button:


Duh Only said...

Hell Yeah! I downloaded it and am listening to it right now. Yes! It's great to hear some new (remixed, whatever) material. I also made a donation as a way to show my support. The original Used Materials really rocked my world back in the day. Loved it, listened to it a lot. Intend to listen to this a lot too. Great work.

Duh Only said...

Care to comment on why Instigator is being retired?

PYLB said...

There are a couple reasons for retiring "Instigator".

The main one: almost ten years after adopting the moniker, I now run into more "musicians" using the same name without doing any homework first. I don't like their work being attributed to me (a lot of it is lame hip-hop or tepid house crap), and I've spent more time correcting listings on discogs.com than I have spent on adding new releases. That's a frustration I don't want, and I have never been at a loss for band names.

The other ones: It's time to move on. I don't make music with the same "trying to start something" mentality anymore. It might be more accurate to say it's time to reconfigure. At this point, I'm collecting my original and field recording based works under the moniker Bricman. Mash-ups, bastard pop and otherwise snide sampling of anything and everything will fall under the name Ace Grim.

INSTILLE and FIGORA will continue at the same glacial pace they have been, and Noise Throng will likely be home to much of the Ace Grim work while Bricman may land on an entirely new site.

Finding a fitting farewell to Instigator was not easy, but I'm using it as an opportunity to experiment with "pay-what-you-want" pricing that doesn't require expensive third-parties. If it goes well, I may employ it more in the future.