It Takes A Nation Of Monkeys...

Last night, Analog Monkey Video tipped me off to some freshly released work of theirs. Particularly this three-part piece (1, 2, 3) on Public Enemy while in town for an appearance at the Chicago Cultural Center and another at Pitchfork Music Festival last month. E and I took photos of the Cultural Center event, but I haven't posted pics yet. Mine don't compete with the videos, frankly. Seeing PE talk about how they made their music -- music I have listened to regularly since it first came out -- was inspiring. After E shared with me his extra ticket to the group's performance at Pitchfork Fest, I went home and stayed up for hours tweaking my own music, inspired to see "live" the music that taught me about sampling some twenty years ago.

And cheers for Analog Monkey Video. They've been at this a while and it looks like it's starting to pay off. As E points out, you can spot the crew in the mirror in the third installment of the also-recently-released Daytripping with Brandon Cox series (also on P4K.tv).

[I like Pitchfork so much better when they're not over-writing music reviews.]

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Chris B. said...

I learned from the Pitchfork Festival last year that I do not like outdoor festivals.

HOWEVER, the price was right ($15 for the day), the music was phenomenal (Slint, the RZA, Sonic Youth), and I saw someone at the front gate who forgot his ticket get one for free. The agent who gave it to him said, "remember to tell your friends about this." Amen, brother. That's how it's done.

For the record, you gave me a Portishead ticket in exchange for a ride to that show and that still looms as one of my all-time favorite shows. So, you were due.