Will Smith is no Alan Arkin

If I may humbly venture into Booze Movies territory for a moment...

I am entirely uninterested in seeing Hancock, but I can't help but pick up the gist of this film from recent mentions it's gotten online. Will Smith plays a washed-up drunkard of a superhero. The IMDB entry for this film shows one comment that ponders, "Hancock has the kind of premise that you wonder why it took so long for someone to put it on the big screen."

No need to wonder; it hasn't taken that long. We've already seen this premise in big-screen format. And I'm not making the weak comparison to Last Action Hero that some folks are making. Twenty-five years ago, it was a film called The Return of Captain Invincible, starring Alan Arkin and Christopher Lee. Did I mention it's part musical, too?

Check it out. You can own the DVD for the same amount it'll cost for just one ticket to see Will Smith's latest vehicle in a theater. Neither one is a great movie, but imagine how informed you'll sound when you can bust Hancock for ripping off an Alan Arkin movie from a quarter-century ago.


kroushlconflict said...

Plus he looks HOT in that leotard. Leotard- isn't that a crazy word? Leotard. I had to look it up, it just seemed wrong when I typed it. Leotard. Huh. Anyhow, yeah, hot stuff there.

marne said...

Director Mora has always been ahead of the curve.