Venture Brothers Season Three is On

Yes. This is the clip reel shown recently at some Comic-Con or another, with scenes from the first three episodes. Last night was the premiere of episode one, Shadowman 9: In The Cradle of Destiny, which examines the origins of The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend (Maria and I call dibs on these characters for Halloween costumes, if she can get her voice low enough). Watch the full episode here.

This season, each episode has its own T-shirt, thanks to the Amazing Shirt Of The Week Club. I've already ordered my Guild Of Calamitous Intent shirt, but am not about to subscribe for a dozen $22 T-shirts. I'll just check back every week for the good ones.

Go Team Venture.


maria said...

great. another black t-shirt. ;)

PYLB said...

It's all part of my ongoing, calamitous intentions, girl.

kroushlconflict said...

Nice, pretending that you didn't attend the Comic-con and all...

E said...

Heh. The only reason I didn't buy this week's Dr. Girlfriend shirt is I've been buying way too many black shirts lately myself. I'm kinda sorry I didn't pull the trigger on the "Dean!" one, but as they say, the best is always yet to come.

Have you gotten any more?

PYLB said...

I ordered Maria the Dr. Girlfriend shirt. I'm gonna hold at two VB shirts: the G.O.C.I. and a Monarch shirt they're selling at Williams Street's site.

The Dean! one was a good one, but a little bright for my wardrobe. I'll bet there are more good ones coming. Work has begun on season four of the show, so there's the potential for Shirt Of The Month to run another season.

Less Lee said...

Sort of OT, but I thought you might like our review of Weep's "Never Ever" album (Doc Hammer's band):


/shameless self-promotion

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