Saturday Morning Serials (Rehash)

Picking up where I barely started last November, here's a (possible) revival of Saturday Morning Serials: an assortment of the videos I tend to watch on Saturday mornings. Sipping coffee, downloading music, and catching up on links... nothing in any apparent order.

Han Solo, P.I.

The genius of Han Solo, P.I. is revealed when you watch the side-by-side comparison to the Magnum, P.I. opening titles. Brilliant. Makes me wonder what such a show would have been like to watch... perhaps a pilot episode title like "Stabbing at Leia's Party"?

Post-It Stop Motion

Office-supply art like this isn't a exactly a new idea, but you don't often see someone take it this far. Watch "Deadline".

Guy Starts Dance Party

All of the videos in this post have been circulating for a while, but none has appeared on the news like this one (though with a different soundtrack when seen on WGN). It's best with the original audio, if not for the giggles of the crowd then for the "unstoppable" nature of this clip.

30 Rock = The Muppet Show

This video clip isn't directly related to this guy's theory that 30 Rock is a rip-off of The Muppet Show, but it may be entertaining on a different level after you've read through said post. It's not a bad theory, really. Though one could argue that there are many other show-within-or-around-a-show shows out there to have influenced 30 Rock.

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