Juno Where I Saw Cut Chemist Last Night?

For anyone who hasn't seen Juno yet, don't bother. I watched it for the first and only time last night. I'm about to show you the single most interesting frame of this otherwise obnoxiously over-written movie.

During a scene in a high school chemistry class, there's a brief view of a teacher entering the classroom. I thought I recognized him, but paused and backed up a few frames to confirm... and that's when I saw this subliminal logo placement.

That's Cut Chemist (real name Lucas MacFadden), flanked on either side by his own logo. Cute attempt at "subliminal" for an otherwise unsubtle movie. It's been brought to my attention that not even Wikipedia is hip to this logo-laden cameo - though MacFadden is credited as "Cut Chemist" in the movie credits. For those not familiar with it, here's a shot of the logo as seen on CutChemist.com:

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Maria said...

Technically, C.C.'s Wiki page mentions that he has a brief cameo in the movie, but no indication as to why he's in it. I can only assume it was something Diablo Cody thought would be "coolio" or something. Christ, what an obnoxious movie. Check ya laters, home skillet!!

PYLB said...

Well, sure, but there's no mention of his now-obvious logo placement. I think I can take credit for pointing that out. Of course, I could add it to Wikipedia, but that might send more people to watch Juno -- and I don't want to be responsible for that.

Duh Only said...

Ha-ha! Juno haters? It's about freakin time. Now, I didn't hate the movie as much as you did, it was okay but man people WOULD NOT SHUT UP about this movie. By people maybe I just mean all the talking heads on TV who seemed to think this was the funniest, hippest, most creative and empowering movie of all time. I couldn't stop thinking "no 16 year old talks like this!". I laughed more during Step Brothers which was totally retarded but there certainly was no pretense of it being Oscar-worthy.

hersh sho speshell said...

actually i know tons of people who talk like this even before this movie came out and they're 16-19 yrs of age. i even talk like juno kind of, sort of haha, and i know some people think its annoying but whatever, its all good in the hood hombre. oh and i was the only one in the theatre laughing, i guess you just have to have the wierd sense of humor i do to really appreciate this flick