Skinny Puppy's American Memory

Favorite author / occasional email pal Douglas Rushkoff, while guest-blogging at BoingBoing, posts today about American Memory - which features the music of Skinny Puppy (well, Ogre and Mark Walk as OHGR).

Rushkoff may perform with the group when this tour stops in NYC. For those of you around these parts, watch for The 2008 OHGR DTour (supporting Ogre's new solo effort, Devils In My Details) at Double Door on Sunday, 30 November [tix].

I wish it was at a better venue, and not on a Sunday night, but might have to go check it out anyway. (Hopefully the club isn't the same death-trap it was in August when it flooded twice during the Melvins show.)


Duh Only said...

What happened in August? Flooded twice?

PYLB said...

While E and I were there for the Melvins / Big Business show, it was a night of biblical rainfall (first time I ever heard tornado sirens going off within the city limits).

That night, the basement of Double Door flooded once, water receded, then it flooded again while we were having a drink with Heavy Metal Ted down there. When we got back up to the main floor, there was a gaping hole in the ceiling, from which an 8-inch wide column of water was pouring in. I was genuinely afraid that if the floor didn't cave in, we'd be electrocuted.

Plus, Double Door is one of those clubs that smelled better when it was full of cigarette smoke. Without that aromatic camouflage, the place smells dank and nasty. (And I've had a beef with Double Door since they told me my own ID was fake in 2002. I'd rather not patronize them at all.)

They must've fixed a few things since the rain damage, but it's still the same Double Door that has two bartenders per thousand attendees, and charges five bucks for a can of Bud Light.