Oh, great.

Just great. Chicago is the most stressful city in the country. According to Forbes. [sigh] I would suggest moving, but that's too stressful.

[link via Gaper's Block]


Duh Only said...

And to add to the stress, more americans died in Chicago than died in Iraq over the summer of 2008. Sweet home Chicago!

Still, I miss the food :-(

Chris B. said...

Salt in the wound: Milwaukee was voted the sexiest.

PYLB said...

I've been convinced that I need to vacate the city before any 2016 Olympics happen, but it could happen a lot sooner than that with the way things are going. Not that I'm high-tailing it to Sexy-town, WI.

Duh Only said...

I have to admit I'm happy I won't be there if the Olympics go down. What a mess and what a misappropriation of money as the public schools crumble into rubble. Of course Daley says it won't cost taxpayers a dime. HA-HAAAAA!!!!!