No Greyhound

Gun crazy isn't the only kind of crazy going around, oh no. There's Rambo-knife crazy, too: A Greyhound passenger stabbed and then beheaded the kid in the seat next to him last night. With a "Rambo-style knife." WTF?

The kid (victim) was 20, sleeping with headphones on, and en route to his home in Winnipeg. I was the same age the last time I took Greyhound. It was a relatively short trip from Chicago to DeKalb, to return to school after a holiday break. I was held up, a gun stuck in my ribs, while using the urinal in the men's room. I only lost twenty bucks, though, and intend to keep my head when it comes to going Greyhound. Which is to say, I vowed to never associate with that station or that bus line again.

I realize I'm making a huge generalization, but... what is it about that bus line that attracts the bat-shit crazy element? And why isn't the visual luggage search at security catching things like Rambo knives?


Duh Only said...

Can't answer your question but that story is just completely insane. I think it's going to take a lot more incidents on buses before you see the kind of security you see boarding airplanes though. It's all about the perception: although there is absolutely nothing stopping someone from carrying a knife, gun or bomb onto a bus - it doesn't seem to phase anyone. On a plane though, I think if bags and people weren't screened, some passengers would consider not even boarding. That's just how it is, for now at least.

PYLB said...

Sure. It's fair to point out that a plane has the added danger of being so far off the ground that there's more chance of fatality for everyone on board when something goes wrong.

It'd probably also be fair to admit that bat-shit crazies travel by many methods. If you're not in the same vehicle with them, you wouldn't necessarily notice.