R.I.P. Albert Hofmann, LSD Inventor

Albert Hoffman Autograph, originally uploaded by strikerr.

What's left to say about this man that isn't already being said by the likes of BoingBoing and Wired? His research was influential on a lot of people who were influential on me. Especially during my college years. Nuff said.

Hoffman was 102 when he died, just ten days after the 45th anniversary of Bicycle Day. While those numbers will surely inspire fits of numerology amongst fans of psychedelics, I'm inspired to pick up a copy of LSD: My Problem Child in his honor.

Dr. Hofmann Stencil, a graffiti tribute spotted in Lisbon last year by yours truly.


Duh Only said...

I think one could argue that Albert Hofmann's discovery is one of the most influential events of the past fifty years. What would the 60's have been like without the influence of LSD? Would there be the summer of love? Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? The Illuminatus Trilogy? Doc Ellis no hitter? Revolver, Sgt Peppers or the White Album? Hard to say but I think the psychedelic experience set a lot of things in motion. It certainly influenced a lot of people who influenced me.

PYLB said...

Very true. While we know psychedelic experiences go back further than the sixties (shamen, shrooms, peyote, etc.), Hofmann's discovery certainly helped to introduce psychedelics to the Western world. Definitely one of the most influential discoveries of the past fifty years. Good call.