One of my all-time favorite movies: The Big Lebowski. People tend to either LOVE or HATE this movie. Some haters need repeated viewings to come around. Eventually, true fans come to enjoy the nuances that make The Big Lebowski such a cult classic - as well as the fun things the film continues to inspire.

For example, the "ABIDE" t-shirt is the most talked-about addition to my wardrobe in months. It's a product of the folks behind Lebowski Fest, now selling tickets to the sixth annual gathering of achievers.

And there's always the profanely entertaining F-ing Short Version:

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garv said...

THE BIG LEBOWSKI is the greatest White Russian (or Caucasian) film of all time. It’s definitely on my list of films to review for my Booze Movies blog. Also as a fan of Raymond Chandler, I love that the Coens were paying homage to his Philip Marlowe novels.

In terms of the Coen Bros. filmography, MILLER’S CROSSING is my favorite. LEBOWSKI is a close second.