77 Drum Kits! Eye!

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A fitting 77th post* for me. A friend at VICE just reminded me about the Boredoms' 77 Drum performance. It's happening on July 7th (7/7/07) in NYC.

Maybe Eye will see you there.

* If you count, you'll end up with fewer than 77. A few posts haven't been published yet, but Blogger assures me this is post 77.

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Jason said...

Wow. This performance reminded me of the Plastic Crimewave Vision Celestial Guitarkestra that took place at the Empty Bottle. Unfortunately I wasn't there but it received mixed reviews. Then I read the link and saw this was only 77 drum kits, not 77 drummers. Does that make this just another Boredoms show except for the fact they've announced how many instruments they're using? Not to say that makes me want to go any less; after seeing them at Intonation Festival in 2006 and earlier that year at the Logan Square Auditorium I would definitely recommend them to all the psychadelic/noise freeks of the world. It kind of seems like a marketing hook that got my attention but didn't deliver what it seemed to promise.